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Vintage Halloween Luncheon Napkins - Kreepsville
Vintage Halloween Luncheon Napkins $ 5.95
The Black Scratch Cat has been an iconic character of the Beistle Company for many decades. The artwork on these 2-ply paper napkins was first introduced by them back in 1928, making it highly recognizable and nostalgic for many people. Authentically reproduced for a limited time, you can now incorporate these napkins into your current Halloween decorations. Whether you use them for parties, or DIY Halloween crafting projects, everybody will enjoy the vintage look provided by this economical item. The orange, black, and ivory color scheme blends well with newer decorations as well. Each package includes sixteen 6.5-inch folded paper napkins, which unfurl to 13 inches square.
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Vintage Halloween Plates - Kreepsville
Vintage Halloween Plates $ 5.95
Serve up some vintage frights at your next Halloween party with these 9-inch Vintage design Halloween Plates. The Beistle Company has reproduced the lovely artwork on these coated paper plates, which were first introduced in 1928. Each package will contain four plates printed with the iconic Beistle black scratch cat and four plates printed with a goblin design, for a total of eight plates in a package.
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Vintage Halloween Skull Paper Lanterns - Kreepsville
Vintage Halloween Skull Paper Lanterns $ 4.95
First produced by The Beistle Company in 1933, these reproduction card stock Halloween Skull Paper Lanterns will add a touch of nostalgia to your Halloween decor this season. The black, orange, and white color scheme blends well with a multitude of Halloween decorations, whether vintage or new. Each 7-inch lantern is printed with a white skull and crossbones on each side. The top contains a small tab with hole, allowing for a string to be easily passed through for hanging. Whether you string multiple lanterns together, or simply hang individually, they provide the perfect accessory to your Halloween decorations. Each package contains three individual lanterns. Simple assembly required - instructions included. Decorative purposes only.
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Vintage Halloween Haunted House Centerpiece - Kreepsville
Vintage Halloween Haunted House Centerpiece $ 9.95
Create a retro tabletop display with this honeycomb tissue and cardstock Halloween Centerpiece. First introduced in 1971, this spooktacular centerpiece has been resurrected and reintroduced by The Beistle Company for a limited time. Standing 14 inches tall, the centerpiece features a honeycomb tissue base which expands to 10 inches in diameter. Included with the centerpiece is six detached cardstock tombstones, which are designed to be inserted into the tissue openings for added decoration. The color scheme blends well with both vintage and current Halloween decor. Create a memorable display on any tabletop or flat surface. One centerpiece per package.
Elvira Knotts How Do You Like My Eggs Enamel Pin - Kreepsville
Elvira Knotts How Do You Like My Eggs Enamel Pin $ 12.95
Elvira enamel pin "how do you like my eggs?" In original packaging, Knotts 2014. Pin is 1 1/2" long and 1" wide. 
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Vintage Halloween Classic Cat Cutouts - Kreepsville
Vintage Halloween Classic Cat Cutouts $ 7.95
This spooky collection of Cat Cutouts displays a Halloween witch with her black cats and the classic Beistle smiling moon. Each package contains a set of 4 cutouts that are perfect for any Vintage Halloween collector looking for that classic-look to decorate for the Halloween season. Each design is printed on both sides of cardstock and measure 9 inches in length. Each reproduction takes you back in time to when these cutouts were made by The Beistle Company in the 1950's.  9½"-16"
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Vintage Halloween Picks - Kreepsville
Vintage Halloween Picks $ 3.95
Looking for a fun way to add a vintage Halloween touch to your party desserts?These Vintage Halloween Picks are just what you need! Set of 50.
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Super 7 Universal Monsters Wolf Man Bucket - Kreepsville
Super 7 Universal Monsters Wolf Man Bucket $ 23.95
No tricks only treats with this officially licensed Super 7 Universal Monsters Wolf Man Bucket.
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