Beach Goth: How to Stay Cool in Black Clothing

Looking for beach Goth outfits? Well, boils and ghouls, you've come to the right place, let us help you figure out what to wear! Read on to learn how make the most of the summer months--enjoying sun, sand, and surf while wearing all black clothing.
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Looking for beach Goth outfits? Well, boils and ghouls, you've come to the right place, let us help you figure out what to wear! The Kreepsville flagship goth clothing shop, Monster-a-GoGo, is located in East Los Angeles. And that means we're only a short drive to the beach! So we know how make the most of the summer months--enjoying sun, sand, and surf while wearing all black clothing. (Spoiler, it takes a lot of sun block and some other cute, cool, and creepy accessories.)

Whether you want to feel like a spooky little mermaid, moon-bathe like a vamp champ, or strut your satanic stuff in the sand, we've got the goth clothing and accessories to complete your beach goth look! Stay cool and stay creepy this summer and enjoy the beach in style!

Every Day is Halloween, Even in the Summer


What is beach goth? Beach goth combines elements of beachwear and goth clothing, because, duh, it's not like we're not going to wear black clothing just because it's summertime. And let's face it, in Los Angeles, there's pretty much one season, and that's summer. So every day is sunny (and also Halloween!). For our fans and fiends who don't live in a perpetual state of sunshine, first off, come visit! We have palm trees! Second, we're sure these tips can help you too at least once a year when summer rolls around.

You might think that beach goth fashion is as much of an oxy moron as a health goth or perky goths because we prefer hanging out in the dark, but it's not at all! (And neither are our perky, healthy friends! Don't even get us started talking about how much we love glitter or being fit witches.) Whether your regular style is witchy, sporty, rockabilly, western, punk rock, pin-up or something else entirely, you can get creative and stay spooky in the summer sun (or better yet, the shade).

Beach Goth Outfit Inspiration

If you're looking for some beach goth outfit inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Want to Keep a Deathly Pallor? Don't Forget to Cover Up

Spiderweb Mesh Cape worn as a Beach Goth Coverup

Read on if you want to keep your deathly pallor or want to make sure your tattoos don't fade in the summer when there's heat, heat, and more heat. First off, wear sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen. And then, be sure to wear a coverup made of breathable fabrics. We've got some fangtastic capes, t-shirts, and hot pants that are sure to keep all us goths happy in the summer heat!

Lacy Capes

Start with a black swimsuit or bikini and then complete the look with a see through coverup. Nothing says beach goth like spiderwebs, lace, batwings, and fringe! Check out our spiderweb mesh capes complete with white on black webbing and black fringe. When it's hotter than hell and you're feeling more satanic on the sand, be sure to add a devil disguise mesh cape to your outfit. It's red mesh with black "devil made me do it" print, has bat wing shaped sleeves, and fantastic black fringe.

DIY Cut Up T-Shirts

Another DIY option is to start with a black t-shirt and get crafty! There are tons of tutorials online on how to cut spiderwebs into t-shirts. And what doesn't say "hey I'm a goth" like showing off your spooky spider tattoos from under a cut up spiderweb shirt? Start with your favorite oversized black t-shirt (or perhaps order a dark shirt you know you don't mind cutting up. You'll find just the right thing in our officially licensed Elvira, Vampira, or Bela Loves Vampira t-shirt collections.) Then grab some scissors, do a little bit of snip, snip and you can rock this gothic and punk look.

Hot Pants, Short Shorts

For all you sports goths, when you decide to join in a volley ball game on the beach, be sure to wear a pair of our hot pants. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex (the ultimate breathable fabrics), these short shorts are super comfy. They come in five eye catching designs that are sure to show off your spooky bootie!

For horror fans, we've got the skeleton hands shorts in black and white and the creature hands shorts in black and green. There's a small skull or cute little creature head printed on the front and skeleton or creature hands on the back.

For Halloween lovers, be sure to add a pair of trick or treat shorts to your wardrobe. They come in black with orange trim, a little "trick or treat" printed on the front and jack-o-lantern face on the bum. And if you're feeling a bit more devilish when you beat the heat, check out our satanic goat shorts. They come in black with red print and trim with a little goat head on the front and the word "satan" on the back. And if you're a die hard Elvira fan (and who doesn't love the Queen of Halloween?), be sure to pick up a pair of our Elvira comic icon shorts. They are grey with black print and feature a repeat pattern of adorable Elvira icons including stars, bats, the macabre mobile, and more!

Accessories to Die For

When you're picking your beach goth clothes and deciding what to wear, don't forget to accessorize! From bags and beach towels to hair accessories and jewelry, we've got the gothic accessories to complete your summer look.

Beach Towels, Straight from the Grave

When you're stretched out out the sand, make sure you do it in deathly summer style! Our coffin shaped beach towels are the perfect accessory for all batty beach babes. These lightweight microfiber towels come in four designs that are sand resistant, fast drying, and roll up nice and tight to fit in your beach bag. Show your spooky side with our Go Away Ouija coffin towel in black and white or compliment your black and red outfit with our Baphomet coffin towel.

And for all you Elvira fans, be sure to pick up our pink and black leopard print Elvira coffin towel. Or go for the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark classic pose on your coffin beach towel.

Beach Bags, Not for the Faint of Heart

Baphomet Beach Bag on a Red Beach

Be sure to grab one of our beach totes to really make your look complete. Not only do they look amazing, they measure 19" x 15" x 5" so they'll carry a lot of beach day essentials too. We've got three styles to match your look (and your towel). When you're feeling witchy and want some Satan with your sand, be sure to carry the translucent PVC red and black Baphomet beach tote. The Go Away Ouija beach tote comes in translucent black PVC with white print and the Elvira Moonbathing beach tote is made of fabric and comes in rad 80s shades of neon pink and blue.

Parasols and Fans: Make Shade While the Sun Shines

Nothing says creepy and cute like our spiderweb lace parasols. Even on the beach, this gothic Lolita inspired parasol will let you make your own shade. If you're looking to complete your Mistress of the Dark look, be sure to use our Elvira leopard print fabric parasol. Or if you're putting together a horror themed outfit this summer, why not add a monster's ruin parasol featuring the artwork of Miss Fluff?

Club kid goths and beach babes alike will tell you how important it is to carry a hand fan to stay cool when the weather (or dancefloor) makes you sweat. We've got seven spooktacular styles of hand fans to choose from. They range from spiderweb lace (which nicely matches the parasol) to Elvira to Vampira and more!

Goth Hair Accessories and Jewelry

And last but not least, be sure to finish up your summer gothic look with hair accessories and jewelry to match. We've got skulls, bones, brains, eyeballs, bats, horns, and more for you to wear in your hair. And they come in every color (including glitter!) to match your ensemble. Then pick necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets to match. From octoskulls to regular skulls and everything in between, we've got jewelry to compliment your beach look.

Spooky Fun in the Summer Sun

And there you have it! Remember our top tips to make your summertime goth beachwear as creepy as you are:

  • Remember to cover up creatively and creepy in capes, shirts, and shorts

  • Accessorize with beach towels and totes straight from the grave

  • Make your own shade and stay cool with parasols and hand fans

  • Don't forget to add hair accessories and wear jewelry to complete your look

So get creative, design your outfit, and get out there to enjoy some sand, sun and surf with spooky style this summer!

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