Winterizing Your Goth Wardrobe

As the temperatures start to drop, it's time to start thinking about how to winterize your wardrobe. We've got plenty of spooky, stripy, spidery, batty, and devilish options for your winter goth outfits.
Winterizing Your Goth Wardrobe with Kreepsville Winterizing Your Goth Wardrobe with Kreepsville

Los Angeles is the home to Kreepsville's flagship goth clothing shop. So, we know all about warm weather! But what do you do when you want to keep your spooky style and are visiting colder climates like what you find in Colorado, New York, or Scotland and don't want to turn into a goth-cicle?

As the temperatures start to drop, it's time to start thinking about how to winterize your wardrobe. This year, why not try some new goth sweaters, goth cardigans and capes, and goth hats? We've got plenty of spooky, stripy, spidery, batty, and devilish options to help you put together your new favorite winter goth outfits. There's no need to sacrifice that punk rock, metal, psychobilly, or rockabilly cool while keeping warm this winter season.

Spooky Sweaters

First, be sure to check out our line of goth sweaters. These spooky sweaters are perfect for cold weather, and they're sure to keep you weird and warm all winter long. Made from 100% cotton, these sweaters are comfortable and creepy. They come in five styles and are the perfect addition to your goth winter outfits to prove that you, too, are strange and unusual in the snow. With long sleeves and long bodies, size up and wear them like a dress over leggings or order true to size and layer with skeleton bone "skelebone" jeans.

Cloaks and Cardigans: Envelop Yourself in Shadowy Elegance

Our collection of sweaters is just the beginning. Dive deeper into our range of dark cardigans and cloaks for adding an extra layer of warmth and wickedness to your winter gothic attire. These warm, cozy pieces enhance your gothic look and keep the cold at bay.

Uncanny Chill Cardigans

Our unearthly Bat Flock Gray Cardigan is a true spectacle, boasting gray bats knitted front and back—a perfect spook-tacular choice for winter! If you're inclined towards eerie-descent elegance, our Spiderweb Heart Diamond Cardigan is a must-have. It features shimmering black widows upfront with a heart-shaped web at the back. To introduce a bone-rattling chill, choose our Skeleton Ribcage Bones Cardigan., crafted from 100% cotton with a white ribcage pattern on the front, back, and sleeves. These choices are perfect for winterizing your gothic wardrobe while keeping your unique, spooky style intact.

Embrace Night Skies with Bat Wing Capes

For a versatile addition to your winter gothic wardrobe, check out our creepy capes. From a terrifying triplet of cropped reversible shoulder capelets to longer versions with a variety of glamorous trims, we have a cape to complete all your goth winter outfits.

Possessed Plaid Flannel: A Creepy Twist on Comfort

Prepare to be petrified by our frightful foursome of peculiarly patterned plaid flannel shirts, adding a touch of terrifying texture to your tantalizingly trendy winter goth wardrobe. Each features a front button-up style, dual functional pockets, and sleeves with a double-button flexibility. Made from pure cotton, these shirts blends eerie fashion with comfort perfectly.

Immerse yourself in the wicked allure of our Satanic Circle Red Flannel Shirt. A striking plaid in bold red and black, it's not for the faint-hearted with a daring 666 pentagram embroidery on the left pocket and a bold Baphomet goat head pentagram print on the back. Our Reaper's Revenge Grey Flannel Shirt, in a chilling blend of grey and black plaid, features a grim reaper and cross sickle embroidery, with the reaper menacingly looming on the back. Unleash the beast with our Franken Monster Green Flannel Shirt, its green and black plaid adorned with monstrous embroidery and a skull monster print. Lastly, our Trick or Treat Pumpkin Orange Flannel Shirt offers a frightful fashion statement with "Trick or Treat" embroidery and a scowling jack-o'-lantern print.

Cranium Cozies: Distinctly Macabre Berets and Hoods

Welcome to the realm of haunting headgear. Shop this accessories collection for an eclectic collection of uniquely designed, chillingly stylish, and remarkably warm hats.

Horror Hoods

Got a favorite leather jacket that has no hood? Have no fear, we've got you covered, literally. Stay snug with a Kreepsville Glamour Horror Hood in Glamor Black, Bat Black, Black Cat, or Devil Red. This retro-chic, eerie hood is your snug buddy for all seasons. Embrace the cold fearlessly with a plush, velvet-like, faux fur hood and a silky smooth lining that respects your Halloween hair.

Bat Repeat Berets

Unleash your vampiric vibe with Kreepsville's bewitchingly stylish berets. Browse the cloud of bats and choose Bat Repeat Pink, Bat Repeat White, Bat Repeat Purple , or Bat Repeat Green—unless you are not limited to one. This bewitching beret, adorned with embroidered bats front and back, is your perfect accessory to channel a Draculaura-esque aura. Crafted from a 90% wool and 10% polyester blend, it offers comfort, snugness, and a one-size-fits-most design.

Petrifying Palette of Bewitching Berets

Don't stop now! Explore our petrifying palette of bewitching berets, each one an exceptional blend of style and spookiness. Each one-size-fits-most beret, crafted from a 90% wool and 10% polyester blend, provides warmth without compromising on your gothic aesthetic. Browse trick or treat styles, skull and bones, spiderwebs, crescent moons, and more!

Stay Snug and Stay Spooky

No matter your wintertime destination, we've got the sweaters, capes, and hats to add the layers to your gothic outfit that will keep you toasty and terrifying all year long!

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