Put Some Scare in Your Hair with Goth Hair Accessories from Kreepsville

Show off your dark side with goth hair accessories from Kreepsville! Our selection of creepy, spooky, and elegant hair accessories are perfect for adding a touch of diabolical drama to any look. 
Put Some Scare in Your Hair with Goth Hair Accessories from Kreepsville Put Some Scare in Your Hair with Goth Hair Accessories from Kreepsville

Show off your dark side with goth hair accessories from Kreepsville! Our selection of creepy, spooky, and elegant hair accessories are perfect for adding a touch of diabolical drama to any look. From subtle little bat or coffin hair clips to statement-making hair claws and devil horn clips, we have a wide range of gothic hair accessory styles and designs.

Whether you're looking to dress up your everyday gothic look or to create a club-stopping teased and crimped updo, our goth hair accessories are just what you need. From getting ready for a night in for horror movies and chilling or a fabulously freaky night out, our goth hair accessories will make sure you look your best. So add a little bit of scare to your hair with some gothic flair. Get the perfect goth hairstyle with Kreepsville today!

Bat Hair Clips

Kreepsville Claw Clip Hairstyles

Our big bat-shaped hair claws are great for updos and pigtails. These statement hair accessories come in red and black, and feature bat wings that you can squeeze to open the claw clip. They are great for pulling back your hair and adding a touch of edginess to any look.

How to Style Your Hair with Bat Claw Clips

Use two bat claw clips to create a kawaii gothic look with big messy pigtails held in place by perched bats. They hold your updo in place all night long and look especially good with half up/ half down styles. They are strong enough to hold thick hair or hairpieces in place too, so tease your hair, get creative, and let your bat claw hair clips fly!

Spiderweb Hair Clips

When you're feeling particularly gothic, opt for our spiderweb hair clips. These big claw clips feature cutout spiderwebs and are a dramatically dark hair accessory. They are available in red, black, or silver with rainbow sparkles, so you can choose the best color to match your outfit.

Style Your Hair with a Spiderweb Claw Clip

Whether you're going classic goth, gothic Lolita, or perky goth, the spiderweb hair clip will add the right amount of creepy to your coiffure. These claw clips can hold a lot of hair in place, so they are great for messy buns and updos.

Coffin Snap Hair Clips

These coffin shaped snap hair clips are perfect for holding back your bangs or adding little hair pieces to your look. They come in pairs in red, black, or silver and add a touch of the macabre to any look. They are perfect for accessorizing your deathrock hawk or adding a little crypt appeal to any number of hairstyles.

Bat Snap Hair Clip Set

Pink Bat Hair Clip

These cute hair clips are shaped like bats and come in a set of six that include glittery pink, green, and purple. These little snap clips are perfect for clipping back your bangs or stray hairs and adding a bit of whimsy to any do. Nothing says cute and creepy quite like a whole colony of brightly colored, sparkling bat clips in your hair! Use them to create styles for everyday or for special occasions.

Skull Hair Sticks

Our skull hair sticks are perfect for creating an elegant gothic hairstyle with a striking twist. These lightweight, yet durable hair sticks come in a pack of two and feature a skull on the top and come in lots of colors including black, red, white, and silver with rainbow glitter (which is admittedly our favorite). Use them individually to rock two cute buns or together keep more complicated twists in place.

Devil Horn Hair Clips

Now, when you're feeling particularly devilish, be sure to wear a pair of our devil horn hair clips. These cute little horns come in a whole rainbow of colors including glow in the dark, red, black, silver with rainbow glitter, and a pastel rainbow of baby blue, pink and yellow. With a small clip on the underside, it's easy to style them to finish off your Halloween costume or to show off your darkly dramatic demonic side and rock your devil horns.

Skeleton Hand Hair Slides

Our skeleton hand hair slides are the perfect accessory for days when you feel like getting extra spooky or need some bones to hold your bangs. These skeleton hands feature a clip on the back that allows you to slide them into your hair and hold it securely in place. They come in black, white (with or without blood spatter), glow in the dark, red glitter, pink glitter, and blue glitter. They are sure to add just the right amount of gothic glamour to any hairstyle.

Kyarypamyupamyu Wearing Kreepsville Goth Hair Accessories
Get inspired by the Moshi Moshi Harajuku singer Kyarypamyupamyu sporting Kreepsville eyeball and bone hair clips.

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Don't forget to check out our other creepy accessories too! Show off your dark and emo side with Kreepsville.

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